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Manon ElGergawy is a passionate Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Film Programmer, Teacher, Curator, Soprano Vocalist, Media, and Graphic Designer.

In 2021, she graduated from the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts; majored in Media Design at the German University in Cairo.

Manon is fervent about Filmmaking, Visual Anthropology, Music, Visual Arts, Digital Media, Mental Health, and Psychology, especially Art Therapy.


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In Pre-Production

A 40-year old lady decides to challenge all the socio-cultural stereotypes and personal fears to embark on a new journey

of following her passion for sports.

A girl's soul goes back to visit her abandoned family house, running and debating with

the camera- symbolising reality- that wants to bring her back to real life.

Embracing physical, emotional, and philosophical perspectives of cracks in

a stream of thought about space; the body,

the void, the architecture, and how much loss, grief, pain, abuse, life, mortality, and conflict they voicelessly seize in a sequence of poetic, metaphorical, experimental built up distorted visuals, along with a soundtrack that welds

the tussle. It is a journey of zooming in and out on the point where all these elements meet; the fracture.

A documentary film about a mother opening up to her daughter about her feelings and the challenges she faced on the night she gave birth to her.

The footage was shot in Atfet El Roum, the street the mother walked alone to fulfill her vows before she got into labour.

On May 17, 2021, we took the train towards Aswan. Our goal was to film a documentary on Nubian vernacular architecture. For four days, we searched for images on the Elphantine island, where we stayed, hoping that a film would result from them. Based on the discussions we had in our course, we did not want images to be only

an empty record of spaces since we do not believe in an idea of architecture deprived of its people. Therefore, this film would not be possible without the hospitality and generosity

of the inhabitants of Elphantine Island.

We dedicate this documentary to them.